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Yesterday, I donated 10 CHF to a charity organisation. I hope it will make a little difference for one of these child who grabs for gold all the day in a mine in Peru. I know, it will not make a big difference. But I know that I am not the only one who is helping. Here we say: small rivers make big rivers. And with my 10 CHF, one child has perhaps something better to eat during 10 days. 


Roland, Geneva.


Thanks for sharing, Roland! It can be so discouraging, if you think about the situation of these children... but instead of remaining blocked by  discouragement and even come to think that it is impossible to change anything, you helped! And I love your metaphor. Indeed, small rivers make big rivers.


What difference could that make for this child, if he was able to have something better to eat during 10 days? Of course, I am speaking about small differences, even tiny ones...


U. Geneva